A Database of Immunotherapy-Related Molecular Characteristics

Database Introduction

Welcome to the DIRMC database, which includes a total of six types of immunotherapy: non-specific immunotherapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), cancer vaccines, adoptive cell therapies (ACT), targeted antibodies, and oncolytic virus therapies. This database collects all molecular features related to immunotherapy, including target protein, amino acid sequence of target protein, binding region and site, gene, gene sequence, affected function and pathway, pathogenic variant occurring on gene, associated disease, and corresponding treatment regimens, including those approved by authorities of various countries (FDA, EMA, NMPA, etc.) and those still in clinical trials, the phases of these clinical trials, and study statuses, and more. Characterization of MHC-Peptide-TCR interaction features relevant to immunotherapy is also included. In addition, the database provides an graphical interface for users to predict the binding affinities between MHC and peptide, as well as TCR and peptide.
Non-specific immunotherapy
Immune checkpoint inhibitors
Cancer vaccines
Adoptive cell therapies
Oncolytic virus therapies
Targeted antibodies
Potential interaction prediction
Tumor cell
T cell
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