A Database of Immunotherapy-Related Molecular Characteristics

Database Overview

The database contains 96,807 entries related to cancer immunotherapy, including 7,774 entries that have been approved by FDA, EMA, NMPA, DGIdb etc., 1,987 entries that are in clinical trails, and recorded in databases such as drugbank, and some other items, such as, 71,481 potential target interaction entries of cancer immunotherapy, which are collected from VDJdb, TBAdb and other databases. We have made a reliability criteria to assign corresponding weights to each piece of data according to the reliability of the data. In addition, the database also contains functional annotation information of 8,514 cancer immunotherapy targets, including GO function, KEGG pathway, CHEMBL number, binding information, Gene3D, and functional region and site information on each target, etc. The details of all the data are shown in the table below, and the flow chart of the database is in the workflow section.
Tab.1 Summary of statistical results based on data characteristics.
Different types of information in the database Sources with drug information Count
Immunotherapy target interaction information Targets collected in DGIdb 7665
Approved by FDA/NMPA etc. 109
Clinical Trails/DrugBank 1987
Entries that co-occur in three databases: VDJdb,McPAS-TCR,TBAdb/ATLAS,VDJdb,McPAS-TCR 3432
Entries that co-occur in two databases: VDJdb,McPAS-TCR/VDJdb,TBAdb/VDJdb,ATLAS/McPAS-TCR,TBAdb 17256
Entries that appears in only one database: VDJdb/TBAdb/McPAS-TCR/ATLAS 50793
Functional annotation of target proteins GO/KEGG/CHEMBL/DrugBank/NCBI Gene/GenBank/UniProtKB 8514
Pathogenic variants in target genes ClinVar 4345
Tab.2 Statistical results of molecular characteristics contained in different data tables that can be downloaded in our data resources.
Data types Number of features
Six cancer immunotherapies 4802
Pathogenic variants 4345
Target interactions from four data resources: VDJdb, McPAS-TCR, TBAdb and ATLAS 71481
Target gene-drug interactions from DGIdb 7665
Functional annotation of target proteins 8514
Total 96807
Fig.1 Statistics on the current research status of six cancer immunotherapy.
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