A Database of Immunotherapy-Related Molecular Characteristics

Analysis Interface

In the analysis interface, you can clearly see the specific target of each type of immunotherapy. The target with a red background indicates that the target has an approved immunotherapy, and the yellow background indicates that the drug for the target is currently in the clinical research stage. If you want to know the current research status of a specific target, which drugs are approved, and what diseases are these drugs designed for, you can learn more by clicking on the specific target.

If you want to predict the binding affinity of both MHC (including, MHC I and MHC II) and peptide, and TCR and peptide, you can choose different methods to predict the relevant results by selecting the option of MHC & peptide or TCR & peptide in the "Predict you want" box below.
Predict you want
Coxsackie virus
Herpes simplex virus
Maraba virus
Newcastle Disease Virus
Vaccinia virus
Vesicular stomatitis virus
Network Analysis Results
Analysis Result Table
Network Analysis Results
This target has not yet been studied in clinical trials, and there is no clear evidence of target interaction. We will update the information in time if relevant data appears in the follow-up. If you have evidence to support this target relationship, you can also provide it to us on the Submission page, and we greatly appreciate your submission.
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