A Database of Immunotherapy-Related Molecular Characteristics

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Our database provides a download page that allows all non-business users to download all data for free.
Cancer immunotherapy targets approved and undergoing clinical trials.xlsx
This file contains manually collected information on all cancer immunotherapy targets that have been approved and have clinical trial information.
Pathogenic variants of the target genes.xlsx
This file contains pathogenic variants of all cancer immunotherapy target genes in the database.
Summary of target interactions for cancer immunotherapy.xlsx
A summary table of tumor-associated MHC-peptide-TCR or antigen-BCR correspondence data, covering all data with corresponding relationships, including experimentally confirmed or predicted.
Targets associated with cancer immunotherapy in DGIdb.xlsx
This file contains the corresponding entries in the DGIdb database for all cancer immunotherapy-related target genes involved in this database.
Functional information on cancer immunotherapy targets.xlsx
This file contains manually collected information on functions, pathways, structures, distributed tissues, regions, loci, and protein sequences related to cancer immunotherapy targets.
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